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"Bringing back nature's beauty

one garden at a time"

About Us

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We specialize in nursery propagated prairie, woodland and wetland forbs and grasses of Western IL/Eastern IA. Plants are available in 4 1/2" Extra Deep and #1 Ct. (gallon) pots. We do not sell seed or plugs, but in spring do offer 2.25" sq. and 3 1/2" sq. pots for purchase. We offer a full line of plants suitable for Rain Gardens and Bioswales. All plants offered for sale are also grown in our gardens and offer us valuable hands-on experience in their care and growth habits.


Benefits of Native Plants
Drought tolerant after they are established (one year)
Cold tolerant, even in years without snow cover & cold temps
Excellent for erosion control due to their extensive root system
Naturally resistant to many pests and diseases
Provide nectar, pollen and seed for bees, butterflies and birds
Provide nesting sites
Fairly low maintenance once established
Help open up tight soils so water can penetrate, reducing  runoff
Plants for the toughest conditions, dry shade, wet soils,  very dry soils,
  and heavy clay
catalog - wet areas
catalog - dry upper areas
Shade Area PDF
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